Music of the Shakers
Americana - Shape Note, Colonial, Gospel, Old Time
In The Pines
(GM 122)
Todd Phillips
Wondrous Love
(GM 118)
Barry & Shelley Phillips
The World Turned Upside Down
(GM 110)
Barry Phillips & Friends
Colonial Christmas
(GM 139)
Barry Phillips
A Closer Walk With Thee
(GM 117)
Martin Simpson
Civil War Collections - Jim Taylor & Friends
The Civil War Collection
Volume I

(PM 004)
Jim Taylor

The Civil War Collection
Volume II

(PM 006)
Jim Taylor

Celtic: Traditional and Contemporary - William Coulter & Friends
Celtic Crossing
(GM 121)
Celtic Sessions
(GM 126)
The Crooked Road
(GM 129)
The Road Home
(GM 135)
Celtic: Traditional and Contemporary
Mary McLaughlin
Daughter of Lir
(GM 401)
(GM 104)
A Gaelic Christmas
Crystal Shoe
(GM 402)
Celtic Voyage
(GM 128)
Kim Robertson—Celtic Harp
Tender Shepherd
(GM 112)
Christmas Lullaby
Highland Heart
(GM 137)
Shelley Phillips and Friends
Barry Phillips
The Butterfly
(GM 133)
(GM 119)
The Fairie Round
(GM 105)
Neal Hellman and Friends
Dream of the Manatee
(GM 108)
with Joe Weed
Oktober County
(GM 101)
Emma's Waltz
(GM 138)
Autumn in the Valley
(GM 116)
Victorian Christmas
Robin Petrie

Northern Lights
Steve Coulter & Harris Moore
A Victorian Noël (GM115)
A Victorian Christmas
(GM 125)
Northern Lights
Stone Circle
Vanishing Borders
(GM 113)
Toolbox Music by Woody Phillips
A Toolbox Christmas
(GM 124)
A remarkable album by an extraordinary new member of the Gourd family of artists: meet Maestro Woody Phillips!
Toolbox Classics
(GM 127)
The wonderful Woody Phillips takes out the tools and creates the classics like you've never heard before.
Shady Grove
(GM 140)
Jefferson's Fiddle
(GM 141)
The Wood Between the Worlds
(GM 143)
Dulcimer inThe Mix
Download Only.
A collection of Neal's dulcimer tracks on other Gourd Music recordings.
Dulcimer In the Mix (Gourd Music Tracks feat. Neal Hellman on Mountain Dulcimer) - Various Artists
Shall We Gather
(GM 144)
Cheryl Ann Fulton
The Once and Future Harp
(GM 111)
Cheryl Ann Fulton
Sacred Days Mythic Ways
Forget Not the Angels
(GM 145)
Searching for Lambs
(GM 132)
LP Only
Oktober County is also available in Vinyl
Simple Gifts
(GM 106)
Tree of Life
(GM 114)
Music on the Mountain
(GM 123)
Simple Gifts Collection
(GM 131)
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Kingdom Come
Various Artists
Christmas Lullaby II