Dream of the Manatee Neal Hellman and Joe Weed

photo of Dream of the Manatee Album Cover
Here is a collection of new acoustic music at its finest: original collaborations by long-time musical co-conspirators Neal Hellman and Joe Weed include Half-Moon Room, Appaloosa, Song for Lori and No Bow Tie, along with a diverse selection of arrangements of traditional pieces from Italy and Spain, plus classic works by Mouret, Galilei and O'Carolyn. The enchanting title track is a magical tale of sailors and sea creatures in which each instrument plays a role, inspired by Peter and the Wolf.

Guest artists include Gourd regulars Kim Robertson, Shelley Phillips, William Coulter and Harris Moore and long-time musical friends Lorraine Duisit and Tom Espinola.

Sound Clips
Click to hear a clip of Bianco Fiore.
Click to hear a clip of Bullfrog Moon.
Click to hear a clip of A Song for Lori.
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Dream of the Manatee
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