Lauda by
Barry Phillips

Instrumental Arrangements of Sacred Folk Music From 13th Century Italy

I have arranged this collection of laude from a modern perspective looking back, with reverence, using music styles from the 1300s to the present—an “all centuries are fair game” approach. These performances include elements of early music and current folk styles, along with an orchestral approach similar to the folk revival in England in the 1900s. Instruments were used freely as well, both folk and classical, old and new. I see this arranging style as a sort of combination of pre-Raphaelite painting and the first British folk revival music styles with a little 1960s thrown in.

Barry Phillips

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Barry Phillips – cello, cittern, mandolin, zither, percussion, swar mandal, clavichord, pipe organ

Shelley Phillips – bamboo pipe, oboe, English horn, harp

Jesse Autumn – double harp

Lars Johannesson – flute, recorder

Neal Hellman – mountain dulcimer

Shira Kammen – violin, viola, vielle

Jeff Gallagher – clarinet

Listen to:
Da ciel venne messo novello
Listen to:
Stella nuova 'n fra la gente
Liner Notes