The Butterfly

Shelley Phillips & Friends

This all instrumental recording features Shelley on Celtic harp, oboe, English horn, Irish flute, pennywhistle, bamboo flute and kalimba.

Lending their talents to this lush and muti-textured recording are Jesse Autumn (double harp), Barry Phillips (cello and percussion), George Grasso (Irish flute), Janet Herman (recorder), William Coulter (guitar), Harris Moore (hammered dulcimer), Deby Benton Grosjean (fiddle), Neal Hellman (mountain dulcimer), Jay Jackson (piano), Don Lax (violin) and a special guest appearance by Martin Simpson (guitar).
Sound Clips
Click to hear a clip of Newcastle
Click to hear a clip of Cold Frosty Morning
Click to hear a clip of Sackpipslåt från Norra Råda
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The Butterfly