Crystal Shoe
Mary Mc Laughlin's new recording, "Crystal Shoe" is an enchanting and mystical album which synthesizes the ancient and the modern. Mary's poetic song writing and rich vocal layering is further embellished by some of the best acoustic musicians playing in the USA today, including US mandolin champion Radim Zenkl (who also plays flutes), award winning guitarist Robin Bullock, international percussionist Heidrun Hoffman - Rushworth and Gourd's own cellist Barry Phillips. There is also a guest appearance by renowned dulcimer player Neal Hellman.

The thirteen songs, eleven of which are original, view archetypal and mythological themes through a modern lens, as in the title track Crystal Shoe, The Weaver and Sleeping Beauty and also include mystical songs such as  Song to Bridget, The Mermaid (both in Gaelic), Angels and Deep Peace.

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Crystal Shoe
Brad Kava of The San Jose Mercury News writes in his Sunday article on "Indie Music":
Hauntingly beautiful dreamy songscapes, sung in a mix of English and Irish. If you like mega-platinum Enya, you can't miss with this. McLaughlin's voice not only rings true, but side musicians Radim Zenkl and Barry Phillips lend a dense weave to this lush Celtic tapestry.
Mary Mc Laughlin • Crystal Shoe • Rowen Records CD 402
Listen to sound samples of the first three tracks:
1 Song to Bridget (Gabhaim Molta Brighde) 2.57
2 The Weaver 3.39
3 Crystal Shoe 4.04 
4 Light of the Darkness 3.46
5 Sleeping Beauty 3.52
6 I Lit a Candle 3.24
7 In Time 3.16
8 The Mermaid (An Mhaighdean Mhara) 3.16
9 Tangling Seaweed 3.08
10 Daoine nDia (Deenah Neeah) 3.28
11 Trail of Tears 2.46
12 Angels 4.02
13 Deep Peace 3.36
total time: 45:44

All songs written by Mary McLaughlin except
"Song to Bridget" and "The Mermaid" (Irish trad. arr. Mary McLaughlin)
© P Mary T. McLaughlin 2004

Mary McLaughlin
lead, multi-tracked vocals, & keyboard
Radim Zenkl
mandolin, flutes, guitar & bouzouki
Robin Bullock
guitar, bass, & cittern
Barry Phillips
cello & tabla
Heidrun Hoffman-Rushworth
Neal Hellman

Produced by Mary McLaughlin
Production Assistance: Radim Zenkl and Justin Mayer
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Studios, Santa Cruz, California
Assistant engineer: Barry Phillips
"Song to Bridget" engineered by Barry Phillips; remixed by Justin Mayer
Extra "ears" for the mix: Radim Zenkl

Cover photographs by Aram Williams
Portrait photograph by Paul Schraub
Design by Lisa Ekström

Thanks to all the incredible musicians who gave so generously of their skill and considerable talent.
Extra thanks to Radim who went way beyond the call, and to Justin and Barry for their pristine recording and wonderful musicality.

Big thanks to Aram and Lisa for their beautiful art work.

Thanks for immeasurable support to Safiya and my "American family," to Kathie and Larry for their kind offer, to Joan for the shoe, to Neal at Gourd Music whose generosity helped me finish the recording,
and to Shamael and Gabriel who have been patiently teaching me what I need to learn.

For Pauline, whose belief in me helped me believe in myself.