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The Fairie Round
Shelley Phillips and Friends

The extraordinary versatility and virtuosity of longtime Gourd artist Shelley Phillips are showcased here as she plays flute, piccolo, recorder, harp, English horn, mandolino, oboe and dulcimer. Classically trained and head over heels in love with folk music from around the world, this album is a bouquet of traditional Irish, English and Welsh tunes, pieces from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical eras -- and even a bit of wild Bulgarian folk song - including Skye Boat Song, The Ashgrove, and The Water is Wide. Shelley is joined by Gourd colleagues Barry Phillips, William Coulter, Robin Petrie, Neal Hellman and others, weaving cello, guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimer into her magical tapestry of sound.

The Fairie Round Liner Notes, Song List, and Artist Biography.
Sound Clips
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The Fairie Round