The Civil War Collection, Vol. II

This recording, along with our first volume, is a collection of dance music and melodies that were current around the time of the Civil War. While recordings of Civil War era songs, band music, and fife music abound, little attention has been paid to the sounds and musical genre of the fiddle and banjo music heard in every camp both North and South. Sadly, no recordings exist of all the great musicians of the Civil War era. We can only guess about their playing styles from the banjo and fiddle tutorials of the day and descriptions in letters and diaries. But, that, as they say, represents just the tip of the iceberg.

The Civil War Collection, Volume II Liner Notes, Song List, and Artist's Biography

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Sound Clips
Click to hear a clip of Rickett's Hornpipe.
Click to hear a clip of The 22nd of February.
The Civil War Collection