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Mountain Dulcimer Arrangements from Both Sides of the Atlantic
by Neal Hellman
Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer
by Neal Hellman & Janet Herman

This book of arrangements features thirty-eight pieces from Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Tahiti, Israel, Mexico and South America.

Each composition is performed both vocally and instrumentally on the accompanying compact disc.

The authors have set up a web page with further illustrations and explanations of the arrangements.

Also featured in the book are arrangements by Karen Mueller, Mark Nelson, Mark Gilston and Paul Oorts.

Click here to view the web page guide and a list of all arrangements in the book.


Features standard notation and tablature for 35 arrangements, from Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Sweden and the Southern Appalachians.

Selections range from Old Time tunes like “Fiddlin’ Bagpipes” and “Kingdom Come” to classic ballads like “The Skye Boat Song” and “Wayfaring Stranger.”

Also featured in this new collection are three compositions by the legendary Irish harper Turlough O’Carolan, jigs such as “Merrily Kiss the Quakers Wife” and “Tripping Up the Stairs,” and familiar American songs and tunes such as “Pretty Saro” and “Garry Owen.” Instruction and historical notes are given for each arrangement.
A link for downloadable for all the sound files from this book is also included.
Click here to view a list of arrangements.

Celtic Crossing
Arranged by William Coulter. Nineteen favorite Celtic-influenced melodies in stunning fingerstyle arrangements, written in both standard notation and tablature.

Selections include: Éiníní; The Ground Plan/La Rotta, Rose in the Heather/Tom Billy's Jig, Marble Halls, Sí bheag Sí mhor, and more. $19.99

A companion to William Coulter's recording Celtic Crossing.

Searching for Lambs
Kim Robertson
The arrangements are intermediate to advanced level, in keys of one to three sharps, with just a few accidentals/lever changes. Suitable for 34-string lever harp (to low C) or pedal harp, these are
full-length transcriptions from the recording, complete with
introductions and interludes.
Typeset and edited by Verlene Schermer 52 pages, $19.95.
A companion to Kim Robertsons' recording Searching for Lambs
Tender Shepherd
Kim Robertson

Selections include: Cradle Song, Bally Loo Lammy, Garten Mother's Lullaby, Quiet Land of Erin, All Through the Night and more.
A companion to Kim Robertson's recording Tender Shepherd.

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Simple Gifts Book
Available in PDF download only. Arrangements of Shaker melodies from the albums Simple Gifts and Tree of Life by Barry Phillips and William Coulter. Contains all the tunes from both CDs as well as guitar chords and an article on shaker music by Dr. Daniel Patterson.
The book will be sent to you via Dropbox. $8.00
Wondrous Love
Arranged by Barry & Shelley Phillips. This book presents 22 three and four-part instrumental arrangements (3 treble and 1 bass clef instrument) plus leadsheet summaries from the shape note singing tradition.
Historical notes and complete lyrics are included. Illustrated with period woodcuts and photos of modern-day shape note singing societies. 80 pages. $12.95.
A companion to Barry & Shelley Phillips' recording Wondrous Love.
By Mary Mc Laughlin
A phonetic approach to singing in the Irish language, suitable for non-Irish speakers.
Arranged by Mary Mc Laughlin.

Includes the sheet music, guitar chords, phonetics, Irish lyrics, and a translation and background to each song. A must for anyone who has longed to sing in Gaelic but not had the opportunity to learn the Irish language.

Singing in Irish Gaelic $19.99

To view a sample from the book, complete with instructions and mp3 files, click here.

The Music of the Shakers for Mountain Dulcimer
Arranged by Neal Hellman. Over thirty arrangements of Shaker dances and hymns in musical notation and dulcimer tablature. Based on the three Shaker albums Simple Gifts, Tree of Life,and Music on the Mountain. Instructions include "back-up" chords and how to play along with the recordings.
Many historical notes on the compositions and Shaker history are also included. $19.99
The Hal Leonard Dulcimer Method
by Neal Hellman, perfect for beginners. With Cd.
Tunes include: Little Moses, Amazing Grace, Scotland the Brave, Goddesses, Hatikva, Breton Lullabye and many more. All in easy to read tablature as well as standard notation.
Revised with eight new arrangements in 2010.
Hits of the Beatles for Mountain Dulcimer
22 arrangements by the Fab Four, all written in easy-to-read dulcimer tablature as well as standard notation.
Selections include: Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude, I Will, And I Love Her, Here Comes the Sun, It's Only Love, NorwegianWood, and more.
Special guests arrangements by: Lorraine Lee, Steve Isom, Leo Kretzner, Phyllis Dunne, and Shelley Stevens. $14.99
It's A Dulcimer Life
by Neal Hellman. Over 50 arrangements from Neal's recordings: Oktober County, Dream of the Manatee and Autumn In the Valley. As well as early arrangements from his Kicking Mule recording and many compositions from his dulcimer workshops.
Complete List of Arrangements
Dulcimer Chord Book
The indispensable guide that fits in your case to go with you everywhere.
Over 500 chords for all the popular tuning of the Mountain Dulcimer. Also includes chords for two tunings of four equidistant strings.
Articles by Force & d'Osschè, Janita baker, Holly Tannen, and Ron Ewing on using a capo for the dulcimer. Plus a special section on the history of the modes. Don't leave home without it!
Celtic Songs & Slow Airs for Mountain Dulcimer
All songs and airs are in both standard notation and easy to read dulcimer tablature with detailed playing instruction for each composition.
The online audio contains a one verse rendition of both the vocal part and the piece played as an instrumental.
104 pages •34 arrangements•spiral bound•
Online Audio included