Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer
by Neal Hellman & Janet Herman
Thank you for purchasing our book. Below please find links for all the arrangements in our work.
Keep in mind that the arrangements may differ in key and tempo but we feel it's interesting and inspiring to see how other musicians are arranging the songs and melodies.
The performance of the piece will be on the left and additional information on the song or the author will be on the right.
In Performance
Tune Notes
Arirang Arirang Korea
Alfonso X el Sabio - Kim Robertson (harp) Alfonso X el Sabio Spain
Asika Thali Asika Thali South Africa
Bai, baï, baï, baï Bai, baï, baï, baï Russia
The Bamboo Flute The Bamboo Flute China
Belle qui tiens ma vie Belle qui tiens ma vie France
The Blackest Crow The Blackest Crow United States
Canarios Canarios Spain
C’est l’aviron quis nous mène en haut C’est l’aviron quis nous mène en haut French Canada
De colores De colores Mexico
Des oge mais           Des oge mais           Portugal
Do'n Oíche Úd I mBeithil Do'n Oíche Úd I mBeithil Ireland
Emma's Waltz Emma's Waltz Finland
Hine ma tov Hine ma tov Isreal
I Will Arise I Will Arise United States
If I Was A Blackbird If I Was A Blackbird Scotland
Kalendara Kalendara Croatia
Kojo no tsuki Kojo no tsuki Japan
L’amour de moy L’amour de moy France
Långdans Långdans Sweden
The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor Scotland
Lauda di Maria Maddalenna Lauda di Maria Maddalenna Italy
Lördagsvisa Lördagsvisa Sweden
Ly Cay Da Ly Cay Da Vietnam
Menuet 70 de Grutjtters Menuet 70 de Grutjtters Belguim
Ojos azules Ojos azules Andes
Plante un chou Plante un chou France
Roselil' og hendes moder Roselil' og hendes moder Denmark
*Säckpipslåt från Norra Råda Säckpipslåt från Norra Råda Sweden
Saltarello Saltarello Italy
Slumber My Darling Slumber My Darling United States
Shto mi e milo Shto mi e milo Macadonia
Srpkinja Srpkinja Serbia
Studenten March Studenten March Netherlands
Sumer Is Icumen In Sumer Is Icumen In England
Tiare Tahiti Tiare Tahiti Tahiti
Tourdion Tourdion France
Y Vorot Y Vorot Russia

This new book of arrangements features thirty-eight pieces from Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Africa, Tahiti, Israel, Mexico and South America.

Each composition is performed both vocally and instrumentally on the accompanying compact disc.

Also featured are arrangements by Karen Mueller, Mark Nelson, Mark Gilston and Paul Oorts.

*Säckpipslåt från Norra Råda was incorrectly titled Säckpipslåt e. Carl Wahlström in the book.