A Closer Walk with Thee

Named one of Guitar Player's Ten Best Albums, A Closer Walk with Thee showcases Martin Simpson's phenomenal finger-picking, slide and melodic guitar work. This instrumental collection features interpretations of hymns, spirituals and camp meeting songs from the American Gospel tradition.

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Wondrous Love

The American shape note tradition has produced an incomparable treasury of music -- strong, haunting harmonies deeply rooted in the folk tradition, imbued with the fervent sprit of faith and fellowship. Barry and Shelley Phillips have created instrumental arrangements of 21 tunes from The Sacred Harp, one of the most beloved of the "songsters," as the shape note collections were called. The exquisite combinations of cello, harp, flute, oboe, fiddle, guitar, dulcimers, banjo and more feature guest players including William Coulter, Martin Simpson, and Robin Petrie, on songs from the eternally inspiring Amazing Grace (called "New Britain" in The Sacred Harp) to lesser known treasures.

Liner Notes, Song List

Kingdom Come
A collection of hymns and spirituals spanning three decades of Gourd Music recordings. This all instrumental recording features music from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland to the Appalachians of North Carolina, from lively Shaker hymns to austere shape-note melodies.
Christmas Lullaby
Wondrous Love
A Closer Walk With Thee