notebook - Song List & Credits

1. Holland House (Barry Phillips) (3:28)|
Accidentally composed at the Holland House Hostel, London (2006)
Roger Tallroth - tenor guitar & cittern
Shelley Phillips - oboe
Todd Phillips - bass
Barry Phillips - cello

2. Goat Street (Barry Phillips)  (3:35)
Composed in a strong rain and wind storm on Goat Street, Dingle, Ireland (2006)
Barry Phillips - cello quartet

3. Aubrey Walk (Barry Phillips) (2:52)
Composed in a special house on Aubrey Walk in London (2006).
Recorded on the Goff clavichord (1932), with thanks to the wonderful clavichordist Joan Benson.

4. Devil in the Bush / Polka d’Auvergne (trad. - arr. Barry Phillips) (3:25)
Two tunes learned from the wonderful playing of Robert Evans and the Kilbrides of Cardiff, Wales.|
Barry Phillips - cello duet

5. Räven  /  Undersven  /  Bryggan (trad. Sweden & Olov Johansson - arr. Barry Phillips) (4:00)
Olov found these old Christmas melodies from Sweden and added an original tune, “Bryan,” about 2/3 the way through the medley.
Olov Johansson - nyckelharpa
Mikael Marin - viol
Barry Phillips - cello

6. Jig for bamboo pipes (Barry Phillips) (3:17)
Composed in San Diego, California (2007) as a bamboo pipe quartet. At this time I was transcribing new music of Ravi Shankar's at his home, and in my spare time wrote this jig with a tip of the hat to Ralph Vaughn Williams (one time head of the Pipers Guild), and certainly many Indian-influenced rhythms.
Shelley Phillips - 2 bamboo pipes (soprano and alto)
Barry Phillips - 2 cellos

7. Edinburgh to London (Barry Phillips) (2:42)
Composed in 2006 on the train from ... well ... Edinburgh to ... well ... um ... London.
Jesse Autumn - double harp
Barry Phillips - cello

8. Wayfaring Stranger (trad. America - arr. Barry Phillips)  (5:01)
Initially arranged in 1990's, and finished in 2007. This arrangement has a sort of "sci-fi / shape note / Delius" inspired head and tail, with a Darol-inspired middle.
Darol Anger - 2 fiddles
Barry Phillips - 2 cellos

9. Årepolska (trad. Sweden - arr. Barry Phillips) (3:39)
Learned from Louise Wanselius at the Pentreffest gathering 2006, Cardiff, Wales.
Louise Wanselius - 2 fiddles
Barry Phillips - 2 cellos

10. Norm's Jig (Barry Phillips) (2:45)
A tribute to woodworking guru Norm Abram - nice guy, master carpenter and maker of complex woodworking jigs - so I thought I'd make him a complex "musical jig" in 15/8 time with dove-tailing sections. Composed on the flight to Kolkata to pick up my "jawari" cello (2008).

Mike Marshall - mandolin
Shelley Phillips - oboe
Todd Phillips - bass
Jesse Autumn - double harp
Barry Phillips - cello 

11. Planxty Väsen (Barry Phillips) (3:36)
Ireland ... Sweden ... epic old B&W movie vibes --- all these sort of things meet up in this tune to honor some Barry Phillips - cello quartet

12. ReSa (Barry Phillips) (4:40)
Playing with the Indian sargam (solfege) letters of ‘R’ and ’S’ representing "Ravi Shankar", ‘G’, ‘M’, and ‘P’ representing respectively "Guruj", "Guruma" & "Pandit-ji". Though dedicated to Ravi Shankar and family, this music has a slight Swedish vibe (as did just about everything I did in 2006-2007).  Composed at The Ravi Shankar Centre, Delhi. (2008).
Tanmoy Bose - tabla
Barry Phillips - Indian cello (w/jawari), cello quartet, & cittern

13. Skålet Troll (Scalded Troll) (trad. Sweden - arr. Barry Phillips) (2:45)
Learned from Olov Johansson and recorded live at the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, 2007.
Olov Johansson - nickelharpa
Barry Phillips - cello

14. Polonesse in h-moll (trad. Sweden - arr. Barry Phillips, after Mikael Marin) (2:42)
Learned from the playing of Mikael Marin off Höökensemblen’s first CD.  Mikael’s arrangement really deepened its mood and I tried to continue its journey into the mysterious landscape he first created. Recorded live at the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, 2007.
Olov Johansson - nickelharpa
Lars Johannesson - flute
Linda Burman-Hall - harpsichord
Barry Phillips - cello

15. Offering (Barry Phillips) (2:34)
A small offering - a thank you - to Ravi Shankar - my teacher and guiding light for nearly twenty years - now gone - and always present.
Jesse Autumn - double harp
Barry Phillips - Indian cello (with jawari) & cello ensemble

Produced, engineered, and mastered by Barry Phillips

Additional engineering by Olov Johansson, Todd Phillips, and William Coulter.
Package design by Bruce Roscoe

Front and back cover photos by Nathan Phillips


Koustic Music BMI

© & (p) 2018 Barry Phillips

“Bryggan” © 2009 Olov Johansson

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