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Barry Phillips

Similar to music from America, this music comes from borrowed and original sources - from listening to friends from around the world that Barry has played music with for many years, from researching his Irish, Scottish, English and Welsh roots, and from simply and basically loving Music.

These tunes, compositions, and arrangements were made while Barry was living and traveling in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, India (and even exotic California!) for some months spanning 2006-2007. At this time Barry was also transcribing new music from his teacher, Ravi Shankar, arranging a duo concert with Olov Johansson (of Våsen), and playing with local musicians in the countries he visited, including long-time friends Martin Simpson, Sarah-Jane Summers, and Anoushka Shankar. Combining these experiences, and having played “folk cello” for a very long time - this album is the musical result of all these things.

Barry Phillips


Barry Phillips - cello & clavichord with ...

Olov Johansson – nyckelharpa                                               
Darol Anger - fiddle

Roger Tallroth - tenor guitar & cittern                                  
Mikael Marin - viola                                    

Jesse Autumn - double harp                         

Louise Wanselius – fiddle                             

Shelley Phillips - oboe & bamboo pipes  

Linda Burman-Hall -  harpischord

Mike Marshall - mandolin

Todd Phillips - bass

Tanmoy Bose - tabla

Lars Johannesson - flute

List of Compositions

Click on the underlined track to hear sound samples.

1 Holland House (Barry Phillips)  3:29

  2 Goat Street (Barry Phillips)  3:37

  3 Aubrey Walk (Barry Phillips)  2:55

  4 Devil in the Bush / Polka d’Auvergne (trad.)  3:23

  5 Räven / Undersven / Bryggan (trad. Sweden / Olov Johansson)  3:58

  6 Jig for bamboo pipes (Barry Phillips)  3:18

  7 Edinburgh to London (Barry Phillips)  2:39

  8 Wayfaring Stranger (trad. America)  5:03

  9 Årepolska (trad. Sweden)  3:39

10 Norm's Jig (Barry Phillips)  2:41

11 Planxty Väsen (Barry Phillips)  3:36

12 ReSa (Barry Phillips)  4:39

13 Skålet Troll (trad. Sweden)  2:47

14 Polonesse in h-moll (trad. Sweden)  2:45

15 Offering (Barry Phillips)  2:34


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