Lauda - Song List & Credits

The Annunciation

1. Da ciel venne messo novelloFrom heaven came a new messenger

bamboo pipe, cittern, double harp, dulcimer, percussion, violin, viola, cello

Blessed Saint Anthony

2. Ciascun ke fede senteLet everyone who senses faith

flute, double harp, violin. cello

The Adoration of the Shepherds

3. Gloria in cielo e pace ’n terra Glory in heaven and peace on earth

recorder, double harp, cittern, violin, cello

The Nativity

4. Cristo e natoChrist is born

flute, recorder, double harp, cittern, violin, cello

Contemplation of Mary at the Cradle

5. Sovrana sine sembiantiQueen without equal


The Three Magi

6. Stella nuova ’n fra la gente New star among men

flute, cittern, zither, violin, cello

Presentation in the Temple

7. Sancto Simeon beatoBlessed Saint Simeon

bamboo pipe, double harp, cittern, violin, cello

Mary the Virgin

8. O divina virgo, floreO divine virgin, flower

recorder, double harp, cittern, violin, cello

9. Venite a laudare – Come, praise in love the loving Virgin Mary

flute, oboe, English horn, cittern, vielle, cello

Hail Mary Magdalene

10. Magdalena degna da laudareMagdalane, worthy of praise

recorder, double harp, cittern, violin, cello

The Flagellation and the Ascent to Calvary

11. Ben è crudele e spictosoHe is cruel and without pity

flute, clarinet, double harp, violin, viola, cello

The Crucifixion

12. Onne homo ad alta voceLet all men with a loud voice praise the true cross

flute, clarinet, dulcimer, cittern, violin, cello

The Lament of Mary

13. Voi ch’amate lo CriatoreYou Who love the creator

bamboo pipe, dulcimer, swar mandal, cello

The Resurrection

14. Jesu Cristo glorisoJesus Christ, most glorious

double harp, mandolin cittern, cello

15. Con la madreRejoice with the mother

bamboo pipe, harp*, violin, cello

The Ascension

16. Laudamo la ressurrectioneLet us praise the Resurrection

flute, oboe, English horn, cittern, violin, cello

The Pentecost

17. Spirito sancto dolce – Sweet holy spirit

flute, double harp, cittern, vielle, cello

18. Amore dolce – Sweet love

flute, double harp, cittern, violin, cello, pipe organ


Produced, arranged, and recorded by Barry Phillips

Mastered by

Executive producer: Neal Hellman

Liner notes by Neal Hellman

Graphic design by Lynn Piquett

Photo of Barry Phillips by Nathan Phillips

Editor: Pat Zylius

Published by Koustic Music (BMI) and Gourd Music (BMI)

Back cover painting: Madonna Del Grazzi by Bernardo Daddi (1290–1348),
painted in 1347

Cover painting: Scenes from the Life of Christ (3). Presentation at the Temple by
Giotto Di Bondone (1266–1337), painted in 1304–6

Cover paintings photographed by Paul Schraub

Clavichord by Thomas Goff (1937)

Special thanks to Blake Wilson for his wonderful work Music and Merchants: The Laudesi Companies of Republican Florence. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992.

Jean-François Labie, liner notes for Laudario di Cortona, Harmonia Mundi, Ensemble Organum, 1996.

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