Multi-instrumentalist Shelley Phillips takes the listener on a musical journey across Europe, the British Isles, and Scandinavia, presenting music from lush Elizabethan melodies to Swedish polskas, from French court dances to Irish airs.

Also featured on The Wood Between the Worlds are three of Shelley’s original compositions as well as pieces from François Couperin, William Byrd, and Alfonso Ferrabosco.

Shelley is joined by a wealth of talented musicians including Barry Phillips (cello and percussion), William Coulter (guitar), Chris Norman (alto flute), Jesse Autumn (harps), Roger Tallroth (guitar), and others.

Shelley’s previous recordings include The Fairie Round, Pavane, and The Butterfly. Shelley has also been featured on many Gourd Music releases including Simple Gifts, Colonial Christmas, and Jefferson’s Fiddle.
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1. The Wood Between the Worlds/ Thrush In the Willlow – Shelley Phillips/Trad.

2. The Seventh Estampie Royal

3. Les Barricades Mystérieuses

4. Fransosen – Trad. Swedish Polonaise

5. The Leaves Be Green

6. Froggy Dan and Froggy Doodle/The Ash Plant

7. Da Day Dawn

8. Polska efter Blinda Pelle/Guringius' Polska

9. The Lament of Tristan/La Rotta

10. Mr. Beveridge's/Hole in the Wall

11. My Bonny Boy

12. So Beautie on the Water Stood

13. Kid on the Mountain/Morning Dew

14. Slán le Maigh