Shelley has a Masters of Music from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. She plays and tours with The Anjali Quartet and The Coulter/Phillips Ensemble, performs as a duo with her husband, Barry Phillips, sings Shape Note music, and is currently collaborating with Rumi translator and poet Coleman Barks.

Shelley has appeared on many recordings on the Gourd music label, including her solo albums The Fairie Round and Pavane. She also has recorded music of the Shakers and produced a benefit album, Verdant Groves, for the Shaker village museums.

The Wood Between the Worlds
(GM 143)
The Fairie Round
(GM 105)
The Butterfly
(GM 133)
The Fairie Round The Butterfly
(GM 119)
Wondrous Love
(GM 118)
Barry & Shelley Phillips
(GM 104)
Wondrous Love
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