Emma's Waltz- Artist's Biography

Emma’s Waltz is Neal Hellman’s fourth recording and celebrates his 20th year both as an artist and as the primary mover of his independent record label Gourd Music.
Neal has been active in the world of acoustic music for many years and has spread his love of the dulcimer throughout the United States, Central Europe, and New Zealand.
His previous albums include Oktober Country, Dream of the Manatee
(with Joe Weed), and Autumn In the Valley.

Producer, guitarist, and Grammy Award winner William Coulter is a renowned performer, recording artist, and teacher. Since 1981 he has been exploring the world of traditional music as a soloist and with ensembles including Isle of Skye, Orison, and the Coulter-Phillips Ensemble. He has recorded many albums for Gourd Music including the best-selling Shaker music CD Simple Gifts and the critically acclaimed Celtic Sessions. William has also recorded and toured with the great classical guitarist Benjamin Verdery, the illustrious Irish singer Éilís Kennedy, and Northeast banjo guru Ken Perlman.

William Coulter & Neal Hellman
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