Thomas Jefferson – Florentine Films.
Directed by Ken Burns. Produced by Ken Burns and Camilla Rockwell.
Release Date 1997. Tracks: “When Jesus Wept”, “Love in a Village/Love Forever”, “Billings Suite” from The World Turned Upside Down by Barry Phillips & Friends.

Delta Jews: Jews In the Land of the Blues.
Produced & Directed by Mike DeWitt
Release Date 1998. Tracks: almost every track from: A Closer Walk With Thee by Martin Simpson. Produced by Joe Weed

Heart and Soil.
Produced & Directed by Mara LeGrand. Skydancer Productions.
Release Date 2007. Track: “Midnight On the Water” from Vanishing Borders by Northern Lights.

Jamestown: America’s Birthplace.
Produced & Directed by Time Team Productions.
Release Date 2007. Tracks: almost every track from: Music On the Mountain by William Coulter & Barry Phillips.

Latinos Stories of World War II.
Produced & Directed by Mario Barrera.
Odyssey Productions. Release Date 2005.
Track: “The Water Is Wide” from The Fairie Round by Shelley Phillips.

Los Gatos: Then and Now.
Produced & Directed by Valerie Archer and John Wainwright.
Lyric Media. Release Date 2005. Tracks: “Citi Na GCumman” from Celtic Sessions by William Coulter & Friends. “Pastorale”, "The Road Home”, “Rain into Snow”, “The Painter and the Magician” and “Amazing Grace”. All from The Road Home by William Coulter.“John Brown’s March” from The Civil War Collection Volume I by Jim Taylor.
“Appaloosa” from Dream of the Manatee by Joe Weed & Neal Hellman
“Si Beag, Si Mhor” from Celtic Crossing by William Coulter & Friends.
“I Will Walk with my Children” from Tree of Life by Barry Phillips & William Coulter.
“Si Beag, Si Mhor” from Oktober County by Neal Hellman.

Princess Furball.
Produced by Weston Woods. Release Date 1993.
Written by Charlotte Huck, Illustrations by Anita Lobel.
Narrated by Alice Krige. Music by Joe Weed, Neal Hellman, Shelley Phillips and Marti Kendall.Soundtrack produced by Joe Weed.

A Visit With Rosemary Wells.
Produced by Weston Woods.
Release Date 1994. “Bagatelle” from Autumn In the Valley by Neal Hellman