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Oktober County - Neal Hellman
Northern Lights - Northern Lights
Orison - Orison
The Fairie Round - Shelley Phillips
Simple Gifts - Coulter/Phillips
Dream of the Manatee - Neal Hellman/Joe Weed
The World Turned Upside Down - Phillips
The Once and Future Harp - C. Fulton
Tender Shepherd- Kim Robertson
Vanishing Borders - Northern Lights
Tree of Life - Coulter/Phillips
A Victorian Noël - Robin Petrie
Autumn In the Valley - N.Hellman
A Closer Walk With Thee- M. Simpson
Wondrous Love - Barry & Shelley Phillips
Pavane - Shelley Phillips
Celtic Crossing - William Coulter
In The Pines - Todd Phillips
Music On The Mountain - Coulter/Phillips
A Toolbox Christmas - Woody Phillips
A Victorian Christmas - Robin Petrie
Celtic Sessions - William Coulter
Toolbox Classics - Woody Phillips
Celtic Voyage - Ass't Artists
The Crooked Road -William Coulter
Cello - Barry Phillips
Searching for Lambs- Kim Robertson
The Butterfly - Shelley Phillips
Christmas Lullaby- Kim Robertson
The Road Home -William Coulter
Highland Heart- Kim Robertson
TRÅD.- Barry Phillips
Emma's Waltz- Neal Hellman & Freinds
Colonial Christmas- Barry Phillips
Shady Grove- Kim Robertson
Jefferson's Fiddle - Coulter & Grosjean)
Shall We Gather- Kim Robertson
Forget Not the Angels- Kim Robertson
The Wood Between the Worlds - Shelley Phillips
Crystal Shoe - Mary Mc Laughlin (Vocal)
Gaelic Christmas - Mary Mc Laughlin (Vocal)
Civil War Collection Vol. I - Jim Taylor
Civil War Collection Vol. II
- Jim Taylor

Happy Here - William Coulter & Ben Verdery
Summer of Cello - Barry Phillips
Boxed Sets As Marked
Shady Grove - Garcia/Grisman - $17.95
Traversata - Italian Music in America - $17.95

Been All Around This World - Grisman/ Garcia
Doc (Watson) & Dawg
Grateful Dawg - Soundtrack, Grisman/Garcia
Jerry Garcia / David Grisman
Life of Sorrow - David Grisman
Not For Kids Only - Garcia/Grisman
Old & in the Gray
Old & In the Way - Breakdown
Old & In the Way -High Lonesome Sound
Pizza Tapes - Garcia, Grisman & Rice
So What - Jerry Garcia / David Grisman

Celtic Christmas - Robertson
Celtic Christmas II - Robertson
Dance to Your Shadow
Q & A - Kim Robertson & Sharlene Wallace
Wild Iris
Windshadows I
Windshadows II
Wood, Fire & Gold

Kim Robertson's Books of Celtic Harp Arrangements
Searching for Lambs -$15.95
Tender Shepherd - $14.95
Highland Heart - $14.95
Shady Grove- $19.95
Shall We Gather- $19.95
Christmas Lullaby- $16.95
Arranging for Folk Harp - $12.99
Treasures of the Celtic Harp - $16.99
Scottish Ballads & Aires Arranged for Celtic Harp - $14.99
Celtic Christmas - $10.95
Celtic Harp Solos - $19.99
More the Merrier - $19.95
Sheet Music - "I Vow to Thee My Country" - $5.00
Windshadows II - $19.98
Abundance - Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Auld Lang Syne - Ass't Culburnie Artists
Crossing to Scotland - Abby Newton
Dawn Dance - Alasdiar Fraser
The Driven Bow - Fraser /Stecher
Fire & Grace - Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
In The Moment - A.Fraser & Natalie Hass
Highlander's Farewell - A.Fraser & Natalie Hass
Labyrinth - Skydance Band
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. I -
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. II
Live in Spain - Skyedance Band
Portrait of A Scottish Fiddler-Alasdair Fraser
Return to Kintail - Fraser/ McManus
SkyeDance - Alasdiar Fraser/Paul Machlis
SkyeDance Live in Spain
Way Out to Hope Street - Skydance Band
American Portrait
Prairie Christmas
Prairie Lullaby
Swanee - The Music of Stephen Foster
The Vultures
Waltz Of the Whippoorwill

(Scottish Fiddle)
Beyond the Shore
O'er the Moor, Among the Heather
Healing Well
Classical Journeys - Russell Cook
Love Me Tender - Russell Cook
Morning Has Broken - Russell Cook
Precious Memories - Russell Cook
Reminisce - Russell Cook
Timeless - Russell Cook
Twilight in the Highlands - Russell Cook
White Christmas - Russell Cook

Prelude to Evening - Jem Moore
Now 'N Then - David Moran
National Hammered Dulcimer Champions - Ass't Artists

Earth Tones - Tony Elman
First Harvest- Selections from Acorn Recordings
Shakin' Down the Acorns Vol. 1-Elman
Shakin' Down the Acorns Vol. 2 - Elman
Swinging on A Gate - Tony Elman

Homecoming - Jerry Reed Smith
Heartdance - Jerry Reed Smith
One Wintry Night - Jerry & Lisa Smith
Strawaway Child - JR Smith

Christmas is in the Air - Sam Rizzetta
Dulcimer Boogie - Sam Rizetta
In the Garden-Sam Rizetta
Saving Trees - Sam Rizzetta

Winterfall - Lee Spears


Appalachian Mandolin & Dulcimer-
David Schnaufer and Butch Baldassari
National Mountain Dulcimer Champions

Airs of Ireland - Mark Tindle
Blessed Assurance - Mark Tindle
Sweet Hour of Prayer - Mark Tindle

Dulcimer Harvest - Ruth Barrett / Cyntia Smith
Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol I
Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol II
Masters of Mt Dulcimer - Christmas


Ancient Noels (Christmas)
Merrily Greet the Time-Sue Richards/M. Sansone
Scottish Christmas

Celtic Café - Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts
Hills of Erin - Karen Ashbrook
Knock On the Door - Karen Ashbrook

Celtic Lace - Ceoltóiri
Silver Apples of the Moon - Ceoltóiri
Women Of Ireland - Ceoltóiri

Celtic Roots -Hesperus
Colonial America-Hesperus
Early American Roots -Hesperus
An Early American Quilt - Hesperus
Civil War Scrapbook - Hesperus

Caledon Wood - Al Petteway
Midsummer Moon - Al Petteway
The Waters & the Wild - Al Petteway (Guitar)
Whispering Stones - Al Petteway
Acoustic Journey - Al Petteway & Amy White
Land of the Sky - Al Petteway & Amy White

Greyed Eyed Morn - Sue Richards ( Harp)
Hazel Grove - Sue Richards (Celtic Harp)
Morning Aire - Sue Richards (Celtic Harp)

Celtic Circles - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)
Kindred Spirits - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)

Scottish Fire - Bonnie Rideout
Scottish Rant! - Bonnie Rideout & Pipe Band
Soft May Morn - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)

Celtic Meditations - Maggie Sansone
Dance Upon the Shore - Maggie Sansone
Hammered Dulcimer Traditions - Sansone
Mist & Stone - Maggie Sansone
Mystic Dance-Maggie Sansone
A Traveler's Dream - M. Sansone
Wind Drift

Carolan's Gift - Assorted Artists
Music In the Great Hall (Live)

Midnight Howl - Robin Bullock

Lonely Runs Both Ways
So Long So Wrong
Now That I've Found You: A Collection
New Favorite
Forget About It
Live:2 CD Set
A Hundred Miles or More - A Collection
Raising Sand - With Robert Plant
Paper Airplane
know Who Hold Tomorrow
Music Of the Shakers For Mt. Dulcimer - $19.99
Singing in Irish Gaelic - Mary Mc Laughlin - $17.99
Wondrous Love - Barry & Shelley Phillips - $12.95
The World Turned Upside Down - B. Phillips - $8.95
Celtic Crossing - William Coulter - $19.95

Mountain Dulcimer Books -
Beatles Dulcimer Book - Hellman - $12.99
Celtic Songs & Slow Airs-Hellman-$24.99
Dulcimer Chord Book - Hellman - $9.98
Hal Leonard Dulc(W/Cd)- Hellman - $16.99
Music of the World for Mt. Dulcimer - Hellman - $19.99