Maggie's Music:
From The Deep Well of Our Ancient Folk Traditions
Maggie Sansone: Hammered Dulcimer
Maggie brings a unique beauty and vision to the ancient music of the Celts. Her albums ring with a Renaissance spirit, Celtic melodies, and a jazzy new crossover into what she calls "cool Celtic."
Celtic Meditations: This is music that soothes the soul: a rich tapestry of Celtic moods for gentle, quiet contemplating. With a rich overlay of strings, the deep tonal qualities of woodwinds, traditional Celtic and early music instruments and this album will take you into the light.

Dance Upon the Shore: A cool Celtic voyage to Ireland, Scotland, Brittany and the Isle of Man. Traditional tunes in innovative arrangements are performed on hammered dulcimer with Irish flute, cittern, guitar, mandolin, soprano sax, Celtic harp, fretless bass, bodhran and hand drums.

Mist & Stone: Haunting and evocative Celtic tunes from Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Galicia, featuring hammered dulcimer with Celtic harp, violin, pennywhistle, concertina, guitar, cittern and bodhran.

A Traveler's Dream: The hammered dulcimer followed the migrations of ancient civilizations across Asia Minor and onto the European continent-from the Black Sea to the North Atlantic shores. Tunes include : Gaelic Reels, Lughnasa Set, Paddy Lynn's Delight and many more.

Hammered Dulcimer Traditions: Traditional tunes from the British Isles, Ireland, and America performed on hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle and bodhran.

Music in the Great Hall: Instrumental music from the ancient Celtic lands recorded live in the Great Hall of St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland, an acoustic wonder that captures the warmth and richness of the musical instruments.

Mystic Dance: Ancient Dances, improvisations, Gaelic airs, jigs, reels and music for a Celtic wedding. "Harmoniously walking the tightrope between ancient Celtic cadences and progressive world beat sounds, Sansone easily fuses the best of past and present musical styles… lovely as it is stirring…a colorful modern dance"- New Age Retailer

A Celtic Fair
Come to the Celtic fair for a festive gathering of tradition and innovation, Celtic music, a Renaissance spirit, diverse instrumentation and arrangements and spellbinding percussive grooves. Performed on hammered dulcimer, Irish flute, fiddle, soprano sax, woodwinds, guitar, bodhran and percussion.

Al Petteway: Guitar
The style is smooth, sweet and completely his own -an artful synthesis of Celtic/British ideas and tunings with American themes and drive. Winner of over two dozen Wammie Awards including the prestigious "Artist of the Year" and "Musician of the Year," Al's flawless performances and signature guitar tone have become a legend.
Acoustic Journey
Al & Amy present an acoustic instrumental celebration highlighting over a decade of musical collaboration. It's a brilliant convergence of Celtic, progressive bluegrass, rock, country, blues, jazz and classical idioms featuring Al Petteway's signature finger style acoustic guitar- voted one of 30 essential guitarists in the USA ( Guitar Player) and Amy White.
Land of the Sky
The Southern Appalachian Mountains come alive in this recording of original compositions and traditional mountain melodies played on Acoustic Guitars,Mandolin, Celtic Harp, Banjo, Fiddle, Irish Bouzouki, Fretless Bass, Vocals and Percussion.
Caledon Wood
Celtic and original music performed on acoustic guitar. Here he brings contemporary rhythms and jazzy moods to his original compositions and traditional Celtic sources. With uilleann pipes, mandolin, piano, cello, viila, hammered dulcimer, Ashiko drum, bodhran & world percussion. Celtic-inspired compositions include Caledon Wood, Maggie's Reel, Sligo Creek, Scottish tunes Jock O'Hazeldean, Fy to the Hills in the Morning, and original compositions Funky C and Sun Dog.

Mountain Guitar
Grammy-Winning Guitarist Al Petteway creates contemporary Celtic- & Appalachian Influenced music both originals and traditional music. A musical tribute to the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina,
performed on solo acoustic solo guitar.

The Waters and the Wild
Celtic, Cajun and blues-inspired original guitar compositions in a musical tribute to the creeks and waterways of the mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake Bay areas.

Its musicians bring the energy and spirit of traditional music to virtuoso performances on folk and early musical instruments. In early music, they are one of the nation's first, and most important, performers of "chamber folk" music.Performing on recorders, Baroque violin, viola da gamba, flageolet, hammered dulcimer, cittern and Baroque guitar.
Early American Roots
Spirited new sounds from early Colonial America - from the arrival of the first colonists to the American Revolution and the birth of our republic.
Colonial America
By Hesperus

Performed on a wide variety of folk and early music instruments. Includes: lively country-dance tunes, evocative Shape Note Hymns, old time Appalachian fiddle tunes, graceful European parlor music, French cotillions, divisions and improvisations.
An Early American Quilt
By Hesperus
In towns and villages, parlors and ballroom, from the Applachian Mountains to the great concert halls, Hesperus once agains celebrates the diversity of Early American music performed on a wide variety of folk and early music instruments.
Celtic Roots
An exploration the earliest written sources that preserve Scottish and Irish traditional folk music, and the deep connections between that music and the music of England and America.
A Civil War Scrapbook
A musical patchwork of hope and healing, longing and loss with airs and ballads, Irish jigs, Appalachian fiddle tunes, marches, spirituals and hymns, and parlor music from the time of the American Civil War.
Karen Ashbrook: Hammered Dulcimer

With her delicate touch, trademark shimmering lilt and ear for authentic ornamentation, Karen Ashbrook is considered one of the finest Irish hammered dulcimer players anywhere. Add her wooden flute and pennywhistle playing, and you have the consummate Irish musician.

Knock on the Door: Go straight to the heart of an Irish session with jigs, reels, airs and Breton dances performed on hammered dulcimer and Irish flute. Karen is joined by Celtic superstars: All-Ireland fiddle champion Brendan Mulvihill on fiddle, Grammy-nominated Chris Norman on wooden flute and four-time Scottish harp champion Sue Richards on Celtic harp; also David Kornblum on bouzouki, guitar and fiddle; Dan Blum on guitar, Wendy Morrison on concertina and Myron Bretholz on bodhran. The longest running title in Gourd's distribution history.

Celtic Cafe: Hammered Dulcimer virtuosi Karen Ashbrook and Belgian multi-instrumentilist Paul Oorts invite you to their café for an exciting blend of Irish, French & Flemish music from the cultural crossroads of Europe. Guest musicians include Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle & Viola), Ralph Gordon (bass), Mark Hillman (uilleann pipes), Paddy League (percussion), Dave Wiesler (piano), Bobby Read (woodwinds), Dwight Purvis (French Horn) and Andrea Hoag (fiddle).

Bonnie Rideout: Fiddle
Three-time US National Scottish Fiddle Champ. One of the finest and most fiery Scottish fiddlers of our time, Bonnie Rideout brings to her performances the evocative music of the Highlands.
Scottish Fire
From Scotland's Edinburgh International Festival to America's Kennedy Center, her fiery performances of ancient Gaelic melodies, strathspeys, jigs and reels ignite the rich musical traditiond of her Scottish heritage.

Celtic Circles
Inspired by the Celtic circles of ancient Scotland, Bonnie paints a musical picture through time, joining the heavens and earth to the cycles of everyday life. With pipes, guitar, harp, and dulcimer.

Scottish Rant!
Bonnie performs with the City of Washington Pipe Band--an award-winning pipe band and drum corps, 26 members strong--generating plenty of spirit, with all the rhythmic drive and vitality they can muster. Whether opening ears with reels and jigs or melancholy air, it's clear these musicians are capable of playing deeply soulful music as well as inspiring rants.

Kindred Spirits
A tribute to all the women of Scotland -- musical portraits of lovers, ladies, drunkards, patrons, connoisseurs and cheats.
Robin Bullock: Strings
Hailed as "a master flatpicker" (SING OUT!), Robin is also one of a handful of masters of the cittern.
Midnight Howl
A celebration of Celtic roots and the wild American spirit in traditional, Irish and old-time music, with Robin Bullock on 6- and 12-string guitars, cittern, mandolin, fiddle, viola, pennywhistle, piano and bass giutar. Guest musicians include Scottish harp champion Sue Richards, Grammy-nominated Chris Norman on wooden flute, Myron Bretholz on bodhran and Steve Bloom on Djembe, ashiko, dumbek, congas, shakers and ganza.
Between Earth and Sky
Between Earth and Sky is a breathtaking collection of traditional Celtic, Appalachian, and Scottish Highland bagpipe tunes, Irish reels, Breton folk melodies, and finely crafted originals. In addition to acoustic 6- and 12-string guitar, Bullock plays cittern, mandolin, electric bass and fiddle.