Acoustic Disc Recordings
Featuring David Grisman and Jerry Garcia
Songs of Our Fathers
David Grisman & Andy Statman
David Grisman, Beppe Gambetta,
and Carlo Aonzo
Traversata means "ocean crossing," the method by which the first Italians emmigrated to America. This release not only deals with the music transported across the Atlantic but what happened to it in the melting pot, how it ultimately traveled back home and the effect it had there.
$12.95 CD

The music on Songs of Our Fathers ranges from liturgical melodies written hundreds of years ago to uplifting dance music played at weddings and religious celebrations.

Songs of Our Fathers comes packaged in a special slipcase  and includes a beautiful,
36-page booklet of photographs that capture the time and the place of the music. you are listening to.
$19.98 CD

Old & In the Way
Live at the Boarding House
A 4 CD Set:
In October of 1973, a bluegrass band walked on to the stage of The Boarding House in San Francisco.
The band included guitarist Peter Rowan, fiddle virtuoso Vassar Clements, mandolinist David Grisman and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead picking banjo along with his bass playing sidekick, John Kahn.
Old & In the Gray
Grisman & Garcia
—Peter Rowan, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, Bryn Bright, and Herb Pederson

With their roots firmly planted in bluegrass history, Old & In the Gray reunites three original bluegrass revolutionaries from Old & in the Way.

David & Jerry team up for an all acoustic excursion into the far corners of American Music.
Set List
Old & In the Way: That High Lonesome Sound
Over 20 years after the release of one of the most popular bluegrass albums ever comes 14 more previously unreleased songs from the original live performances that produced the acoustic excitement captured on the first Old & In the Way.
Old & In the Way: Breakdown

Breakdown, with its 18 previously unreleased tracks, is the third from this legendary bluegrass ensemble featuring Jerry Garcia on banjo, Vassar Clements fiddle, guitarist/ singer Peter Rowan, mandolin maven David Grisman and John Kahn on upright bass.

Doc & Dawg
Doc Watson and David Grisman sit and pick and the result are predictably wonderful.Features: Watson Blues, Soldier's Joy, Bluegrass Stomp and many more.
Hold On Were Strummin'
David Grisman & Sam Bush
You won’t have to be a mandolin aficionado to get delightfully caught up in the complex rhythms, exotic melodies, and entrancing syncopations of this mandolin super-duo’s first album-length collaboration. Extraordinary musicianship makes this an eminently listenable, all-instrumental collection.
Grateful Dawg
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
This extraordinary CD traces the Garcia/Grisman musical timeline with live tracks from their legendary band Old and In the Way of the 1970's to the historic Garcia/ Grisman Band shows in the 1990's.

Grateful Dawg also digs into the deep well of traditional music that inspired these two stylists, with tracks from the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe, and Scottish balladeer Ewan MacColl. This CD accompanies Sony Pictures Classics release of the documentary film Grateful Dawg.

David Grisman and Jerry Garcia
The Pizza Tapes
Jerry Garcia, David Grisman
and Tony Rice
Been All Around This World
A culmination of over 40 Jerry Garcia and David Grisman recording sessions, captures some of the finest and most unexpected moments from these influential figures in American music.
Now at last, from the vaults of Dawg Studios comes the sonically superb official release of this historic jam session, the only meeting of guitar greats Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice, introduced to each other by their mutual friend and musical associate, mandolinist/producer David Grisman.

Not for Kids Only
Shady Grove
So What—Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
"So What" was recorded at Dawg Studios between 1990 and 1992, and also features bassist Jim Kerwin, percussionist Joe Craven and flutist Matt Eakle, all current members of the David Grisman Quintet. Like many classic jazz compilations on CD.
David and Jerry picking and singing all-time favorites including Freight Train, A Horse Named Bill, Arkansas Traveler, Teddy Bears' Picnic.
A Garcia/Grisman collection of previously unreleased acoustic music. This includes traditional folk songs and ballads, memorable versions of the title track as well as "Stealin", "Jackaroo" and "The Sweet Sunny South ". A wonderful collection of traditional songs including a 40-page illustrated booklet $14.00