A Gaelic Christmas - Credits
Crystal Shoe

It takes many people to produce an album and I would like to offer special thanks to the following people whose contributions have helped make this work possible.

The Techies: The engineer and assistant producer/arranger, Steve Coulter, whose incredible attunement to Irish music along with his technical expertise provided the ideal conditions for this work to evolve and grow. Justin Mayer, who began the project with me and kept a friendly eye on it throughout.

The Musicians: Steve Coulter on harp, Barry Philips on cellos, Shelley Phillips on oboe and English horn, Robin Petrie on hammer dulcimer, Steafan Hannigan on percussion, pipes and bansuri, Danny Carnahan on octave mandolin, and William Coulter on guitar. To all of you, I am truly awed by your musicianship and honored to consider myself one of your peers.

The Visual Artists: Rachel Arbuckle for the beautiful front cover painting. Paul Schraub for the photography. Safiya Bonaventura and Claire Williams for loaning me the candelabra. Janet Herman and Dennis Wells for editing, and Lisa Ekström for putting it all together into this elegant package.

The Researchers and Sources: The staff at Omagh Public Library, Northern Ireland. Nicholas Carolan at the Music Archives in Dublin. Ashley Davis, Galt Barber, Audrey Nickel, Nikki Ragsdale and Cormac De Barra for help with other research.  Liam De Noraidh, Hugh Duggan and Douglas Hyde for their huge contributions to Irish culture by collecting, translating and preserving the songs of our ancestors.  Róisin Uí Chuill and The Estate of Seán Óg Ó Tuama for permission to use his composition “Suantraí Na Maighdine.” Foras Na Gaeilge for publishing the book Ceol na Noillaig which has been a wonderful resource and reference book.

Finally, Mother Fidelma who taught me “Holy Night” and the device of overlapping harmony lines — an influence that has lasted a lifetime!

Personal: My Dad, brother Tom and other family members for support and help in creating this album. Liam Ó Cuinneagáin, Éamonn Ó Donaill, Gearóidín Bhreathnach and Lilis Ó Laoire for all they have taught me about the Irish language and traditional song.
Neal Óg Hellman for ongoing business advice, support and guidance.