Deby Benton Grosjean is a Celtic fiddler who combines the precision of classical technique with the freedom of traditional music. Having studied orchestration at University of California Santa Cruz, Deby weaves her fiddle skills throughout varied ensemble settings

 O’er the Moor, Among the Heather
Fiddling Around the Musical Landscape of Scotland, Ireland and Beyond

This instrumental CD captures the musical imagery of the Celtic countryside. Deby’s award-winning, beautiful airs evoke the senses: the smell of damp peat below one’s feet, the soft tickle of summer rainfall on a chilled cheek, or the vision of rich grassy colors of the vast green moorlands. Deby’s fiery fiddling is a joyous celebration of life like the gaiety of laughter with family in a crowded kitchen or dancing strathspeys and reels with friends in a full Ceilidh hall. A fiddler’s tune is remembrance; it’s an emotional souvenir of time.
Deby’s music breathes life into afar-distant 18th century melodies. The fiddle weds well with an assortment of other instruments she orchestrated on this CD.
Her arrangements vary from solo fiddle, to a duo with guitar, or a trio with harp and whistle, or expands to a vast array of string bass, cello, congas, oboe, Scottish cauldwind pipes, and more. All the musicians are stellar! This CD will capture your heart and dance your feet.

Deby Benton Grosjean-fiddle, William Coulter-guitar, Barry Phillips-cello, David Brewer-whistles, bodhran & cauldwind pipes, Shelley Phillips-oboe, Jesse Autumn-Celtic harp, Stan Poplin-string bass, Renata Bratt-cello, Gary Campus-conga & cajon, Kevin Di Noto-steel pans & congas

Beyond the Shore
Navigating Traditional and Uncharted Celtic Fiddle Tunes

Fiddler Deby Benton Grosjean. Deby's exciting fiddle technique and compelling arrangements takes the listener on a journey "...navigating traditional and uncharted celtic fiddle tunes..." The unique combination of well know artists blends on occasion with the sounds of the sea and takes you away from the drum of daily life.
Deby Benton Grosjean- fiddle, William Coulter- steel string guitar, Chris Caswell- Highland bagpipes, bodhrán, wire-strung Celtic harp, bones, sticks,
Paul Machlis- piano, keyboards, Barry Phillips-cello, Dennis Patterson-percussion (snare & bass drum, congas, finger cymbals, suspended cymbals, tom-toms), Lars Johannesson- flute, Shelley Phillips- Celtic harp, English horn, Jack Gilder- concertina, Jay Salter- Scottish cauldwind bagpipes, Stan Poplin- string bass
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Beyond the Shore
Healing Well
A Refreshing Tonic of Soothing Celtic Instrumentals and Reflective Airs

Deby has orchestrated an elixer of beautiful melodies drawn deep from the wellsprings of Celtic traditions using acoustic instrumentals with a refreshingly current approach. With this recording immerse and replenish yourself. Revisit the music anytime you want to find comfort and relaxation.

Deby Benton Grosjean, Tony McManus, David Wiesler, Barry & Shelley Phillips, William Coulter, David Brewer, Robin Petrie, Lars Johannesson, Jesse Autumn and Stan Poplin.