Jefferson's Fiddle - Song List & Credits
Jefferson and Liberty
Aileen Aroon
George Washington’s Favorite Cotillion/Corn Riggs Are Bonny
The Last Time I Came O’er the Moor
Ogni Dolce Aura
Rustic Reel/Off She Goes
Thugamar Féin an Samhradh Linn
Tacite Ombre
Money Musk Stathspey and Reel
Robin Adair
Sospiri del Mio Cor

Production credits:
Recorded and mixed at Bear Creek Recording Studio, Santa Cruz, California
Additional recording at University of California, Santa Cruz Music Center
Produced by William Coulter
Music research and selection: William Coulter and Laura McClanathan
Engineered by William Coulter, Justin Mayer, Barry Phillips, and Steve Coulter
Mixed by William Coulter with invaluable assistance from Barry Phillips
Mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk at Sienna Digital
All arrangements by William Coulter
Album concept by Laura McClanathan
Executive producer: Neal Hellman
Graphic design: Shiloh Hellman
Liner notes: Laura McClanathan
Liner notes editor: Pat Zylus
Published by Gourd Music (BMI) and Orison Music (BMI)

William Coulter plays a steel-string guitar by Santa Cruz Guitar Company, and a classical guitar by Kenny Hill,
and uses D’Addario strings exclusively.

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Kloss, Jürgen, Ballad Research: Eileen Aroon, 2007
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Salgo, Sandor, Thomas Jefferson: Musician & Violinist, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, 2000.
Thumoth, Burk, Twelve Scotch, and Twelve Irish Airs, with Variations, 1742.

Thanks to all of the musicians who played so beautifully: Deby Benton Grosjean, Barry Phillips, Shelley Phillips, Neal Hellman, Lars Johannesson, Linda Burman-Hall, and Jennifer Cass. Thanks to Justin Mayer for providing a fantastic recording studio.
Thanks to Tom Listmann, Dave Morrison, and Jeff Potter at the UCSC Music Center. Thanks to the staff and students of UCSC Interlibrary Loan; without their invaluable services the research for this project could not have happened.
Thanks to Giacomo Fiore for translation of the Cosway songs.

Deby: My gratitude first goes to my husband and family, whose sustaining support buoys my spirit at a magnitude beyond measure. My appreciation extends to William Coulter for inviting me to participate in this project. Our friendship, accompanied by his crystalline guitar and my singing fiddle, spans many years. I offer praise to Neal Hellman for his kindness and generosity, rare traits in a modern business world. I appreciate our mutual camaraderie and dedication to acoustic music. My thanks to Laura McClanathan for her concept for the recording, and her contribution of many hours of research.

William would like to thank Neal for his support and enduring friendship, and Laura for her great idea and artistic collaboration.

Laura would like to thank Bill and Evan for their love and support; Paul Machlis, UCSC Music Librarian; Jim Farrington at the Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music for digitizing the Thumoth collecton; Heather Riser at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia; and Clay Jenkinson, for his friendship, and for inspiring the scholar in her.

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