The Road Home - Song List

1. Bill Malley's Barndance
Traditional Irish (3:05)
2. After the Gold Rush
Neil Young (3:48)
3. Rain into Snow
William Coulter (4:19)
4. Jerome's Farewell to Gibraltar/ Washington's March
Traditional Irish / American (2:37)
5. Amazing Grace
Traditional (3:06)
6. Shrivasta
William Coulter (3:56)
7. Place of Gold (Largo do Ouro)
Miguel Teixeira (3:22)
8. Pastorale
Jack Gates (3:49)
9. The Crested Hens (Les Poules Huppées)
Gilles Chabenat (4:23)
10. The Painter and the Magician
William Coulter (4:11)
11. The Kerry Fling
Traditional Irish (3:45)
12. The Anatolian Fault
William Coulter (4:17)
13. Brave and Fearless / An Dros
Traditional Norwegian / Breton (2:55)
14. The Road Home
Laura McClanathan (4:20)

All arrangements of traditional tunes, and original compositions by William Coulter ©2004 Orison
Music (BMI), Gourd Music (BMI), After the Gold Rush ©1972 Broken Arrow Music/Wixen Music,
Place of Gold ©1993 Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, Pastorale ©1980 Whitegates Publishing (BMI),
The Crested Hens ©SDRM, The Road Home ©2004 Laura McClanathan (ASCAP)

Recorded and produced by William Coulter, 2003-2004 at Bear Creek Recording Studio, Bonny Doon, CA, and at My Home Studio, Santa Cruz, CA. Mastered by Justin Mayer. Liner notes by William Coulter, edited by
Laura McClanathan. © William Coulter plays a Jeff Traugott guitar, and plays D'Addario strings exclusively. © Guitar tuning on all tracks is DADGAD, except Pastorale, which is DADGBE. © Whistles by Michael Burke.

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