The Road Home - Liner Notes

Bill Malley's Barndance © Traditional Irish
I learned Bill Malley's Barndance from a recording by the great Irish fiddler Martin Hayes.
His unique vision and creativity continues to enthrall and inspire me.

After the Gold Rush © Neil Young
I have always loved the music of Neil Young, and in particular, After the Gold Rush.
It is truly a timeless melody.

Rain into Snow © William Coulter
I wrote Rain into Snow several years ago, inspired by the weather and wishing that just once the
California rain would turn into a good northeastern blizzard.

Jerome's Farewell to Gibraltar / Washington's March
Traditional Irish / American
Jerome's Farewell to Gibraltar is a reel I learned from Ken Perlman, my good friend and clawhammer
banjo guru of the Northeast. Washington's March was given to me by a fine guitarist and fiddler from the
Boston area, named Erica Weiss.

Amazing Grace © Traditional
Amazing Grace is one of the most beloved of all traditional melodies.

Shrivasta © William Coulter
Shrivasta was written during a time when I was discovering a deeper and more truthful connection with
myself. The title of this piece is the Sanskrit name for a Buddhist symbol, quite similar to a Celtic knot,
which represents the interconnected nature of all things.

Place of Gold
© Miguel Teixeira
Place of Gold (Largo do Ouro) was written by Miguel Teixeira from the Portuguese folk music group
called Toque-de-Caixa. The place referred to here is a neighborhood square where children play. During
my two my visits to Portugal, I spent time with the guitarist from Toque-de-Caixa, Horácio Tomes Marques.
Thanks to him for fine music, an enduring friendship, and the spectacular Port wine!

© Jack Gates
Pastorale has been with me for a long time. I played it at my senior recital, at my cousin Jon's wedding,
and countless other times. I dedicate this performance to Jon and his wife Deborah with hopes that our
enduring friendship will be as timeless as this beautiful piece.

The Crested Hens (Les Poules Huppées) © Gilles Chabenat
I learned the The Crested Hens (Les Poules Huppées) from my good friend and collaborator Deby Benton
Grosjean. A hurdy-gurdy player from Brittainy named Gilles Chabenat composed the tune, called a bourée.

The Painter and the Magician © William Coulter
The Painter and the Magician was inspired by a wonderful rhythmic cycle that comes from Indian classical
music. I learned this rhythm from my dear friend Ben Verdery and the middle section of this tune is based
on that rhythm. The title is a dedication to my Mom who is a painter and my Dad who is a magician.

The Kerry Fling
© Traditional Irish
I learned this tune from a website called The Virtual Session which is a place to hear and learn Irish tunes.
On that site the tune is called Slow Barndance. I later found out the tune is called The Kerry Fling. I dedicate
this performance to my dear friends in Dingle , County Kerry.

The Anatolian Fault © William Coulter
The Anatolian Fault was written a few years ago after the tragic earthquake in Turkey, which occurred
along the Anatolian fault line. Dedicated to my good friend and brilliant guitarist, Mesut Özgen.

Brave and Fearless / An Dros © Traditional Norwegian / Breton
Brave and Fearless is a traditional Norwegian tune that I learned from a CD given to me by my dear friend
and Gourd Music owner, Neal Hellman. An Dros is a Breton tune that I learned from a fine flute player
on the east coast, named Linda Hickman.

The Road Home © Laura McClanathan
The Road Home is a lovely waltz, composed on the whistle by Laura, and named by my son, Evan. As these
are the two most dear people in my life, it seemed fitting to end with this tune. We are all on our own road,
with ups and downs and twists and turns, seeking adventure, then always heading for home. May we all
arrive home, safe, and sound, and loved by those around us.

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