A Toolbox Christmas — Songlist

Jingle Bells 1:53
2x4s, nails, saw, hammer, circular saw, pipes, spray paint can, ratchet, musical saw, plane

Deck the Halls 2:04
pipes, nails, 2x4s, saw, hammer, drill, duct tape, anvil, plane, ratchet, power screwdriver

The Twelve Days of Christmas 4:24
hammer, flute, saw, duct tape, ratchet, pipes, oboe, power screwdriver, English horn, cello, pneumatic nailer, mandolin, circular saw, power sander, power drill, table saw, chain saw

Joy to the World 3:03
table saws, pipes, ratchet, power drill, power screwdriver, 2x4s, plane, hammer, saw, power mitre box, anvil, framing square, t-square

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikowksy) 2:20
antique hand drill, hammer, mandolin, anvil, t-square, framing square, level, pipes, bottles, 2x4s, table saw, power hand drill, drill press

Ding Dong Merrily on High 3:01
pipes, anvil, ratchet, hammered dulcimers, cellos, electric drills, hammer, saw

I Saw Three Ships 2:30
tape measure, saw, hammer, drill press, 2x4s, power planer, table saw

Patapan 2:18
pneumatic nailer, hammer, brake drums, anvil, 50-gallon drum, nails

Good King Wenceslas 2:48
drill press, bag of nails, saw, hammer, power drill, hammered dulcimer, organ, power planer, table saw

Ukrainian Carol 2:33
power screwdriver, anvil, pipes, brake drums, table saw, ratchet

Wassail Suite 5:49
Gloucestershire Wassail
pop tops, saw, nails, 2x4s, bottles, ratchet, hammer, mandolin, pipes, vacuum
The Wassail Song
ratchet, hammer, pop tops, pipes, 2x4s, cello, nails, plane, bottles, saw, mountain dulcimer
Somerset Wassail
bottles, nails, saw, hammer, 2x4s, pipes, circular saw

We Wish You a Merry Christmas 2:03
pipes, 2x4s, strings, English horn, cello, hammer, saw, oboe, bottles, ratchet

Auld Lang Syne 3:39
vacuum, broom, musical saw, mandolin, jig saw blades (plucked), table saw, 2x4s, pipes

Non-toolbox musicians:
Lars Johannesson , flute, Neal Hellman , mountain dulcimer, Shelley Phillips , oboe, English horn, Celtic harp, Barry Phillips , cello, mandolin

Constructed at Bear Creek Recording Studio, Santa Cruz, CA, summer, 1996
Concept by Nail Hammerman and Woody Phillips
Arranged, recorded and produced by Woody Phillips
Mastered by Rainer Gembalczyk at Sienna Digital, San Mateo, CA
All arrangements Gourd Music/Koustic Music (BMI) 1996
Notes by Mae Suretwice Design by Lynn Piquett Photography by Paul Schraub

Special thanks to my dad, Jim Phillips, for giving me the woodworking bug;
Isaiah Williams of Williams Woodworking, Aptos, CA, where many of the tools were recorded;
Paul Hostetter, the best alto chain saw player I know;
Howard Rugg, and his beautiful collection of antique tools;
and, of course, my woodworking hero (and probably yours), for his inspiration, Norm Abram.

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