Orison - Song List

  1. Arran Boat Song (trad./arr. W. Coulter) 3:33
  2. Pierre on the Mountain Playing the Hurdy Gurdy (trad./arr. S. Phillips) 6:35
  3. Morning Rain (W. Coulter) 3:45
  4. The Dance of the Spirits of Water/The Golden Goose (Gustav Holst/arr. B. Phillips) 5:25
  5. Pastorale (W. Coulter) 3:03
  6. The Water Kilpie (trad. Manx)/The Maids of Mitchelston (trad. Irish) 4:50
  7. The Butterfly (trad. Irish/arr. Orison) 3:50
  8. Morgan Megan (Turlough O'Carolan) 3:32
  9. Bob's Room (W. Coulter) 3:46

William Coulter -- classical and steel string guitar
Steve Coulter -- harp and recorder
Shelley Phillips -- oboe, English horn, flute (2, 6, 8, 9), harp (7)
Barry Phillips -- cello, percussion
Anne Cleveland -- flute
Joe Menichetti -- guitar (1)
Susan Anderson -- flute (4)
Joel Schaeffer -- cello (4)

Compact disc design by Lynn Piquett
Cassette design by Joe Menichetti
Cover photo by Paul Schraub
Artists' photo by Elizabeth Reid
Steel string guitar by Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Santa Cruz, California
Classical guitar by John Mello, Berkeley, California

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