Quick View of All Titles Carried By Gourd Music
All CDs $12.00 / Books & Box sets are as marked.
Oktober County - Neal Hellman
Northern Lights - Northern Lights
Orison - Orison
The Fairie Round - Shelley Phillips
Simple Gifts - Coulter/Phillips
Dream of the Manatee - Neal Hellman/Joe Weed
The World Turned Upside Down - Phillips
The Once and Future Harp - C. Fulton
Tender Shepherd- Kim Robertson
Vanishing Borders - Northern Lights
Tree of Life - Coulter/Phillips
A Victorian Noël - Robin Petrie
Autumn In the Valley - N.Hellman
A Closer Walk With Thee- M. Simpson
Wondrous Love - Barry & Shelley Phillips
Pavane - Shelley Phillips
Celtic Crossing - William Coulter
In The Pines - Todd Phillips
Music On The Mountain - Coulter/Phillips
A Toolbox Christmas - Woody Phillips
A Victorian Christmas - Robin Petrie
Celtic Sessions - William Coulter
Toolbox Classics - Woody Phillips
Celtic Voyage - Ass't Artists
The Crooked Road -William Coulter
Cello - Barry Phillips
Searching for Lambs- Kim Robertson
The Butterfly - Shelley Phillips
Christmas Lullaby- Kim Robertson
The Road Home -William Coulter
Highland Heart- Kim Robertson
TRÅD.- Barry Phillips
Emma's Waltz- Neal Hellman & Freinds
Colonial Christmas- Barry Phillips
Shady Grove- Kim Robertson
Jefferson's Fiddle - Coulter & Grosjean)
Shall We Gather- Kim Robertson
Forget Not the Angels- Kim Robertson
The Wood Between the Worlds - Shelley Phillips
Crystal Shoe - Mary Mc Laughlin (Vocal)
Gaelic Christmas - Mary Mc Laughlin (Vocal)
Civil War Collection Vol. I - Jim Taylor
Civil War Collection Vol. II
- Jim Taylor

Happy Here - William Coulter & Ben Verdery
Summer of Cello - Barry Phillips
Boxed Sets As Marked
Shady Grove - Garcia/Grisman - $17.95
Traversata - Italian Music in America - $17.95

Been All Around This World - Grisman/ Garcia
Doc (Watson) & Dawg
Grateful Dawg - Soundtrack, Grisman/Garcia
Jerry Garcia / David Grisman
Life of Sorrow - David Grisman
Not For Kids Only - Garcia/Grisman
Old & in the Gray
Old & In the Way - Breakdown
Old & In the Way -High Lonesome Sound
Pizza Tapes - Garcia, Grisman & Rice
So What - Jerry Garcia / David Grisman

Celtic Christmas - Robertson
Celtic Christmas II - Robertson
Dance to Your Shadow
Q & A - Kim Robertson & Sharlene Wallace
Wild Iris
Windshadows I
Windshadows II
Wood, Fire & Gold

Kim Robertson's Books of Celtic Harp Arrangements
Searching for Lambs -$15.95
Tender Shepherd - $14.95
Highland Heart - $14.95
Shady Grove- $19.95
Shall We Gather- $19.95
Christmas Lullaby- $16.95
Arranging for Folk Harp - $12.99
Treasures of the Celtic Harp - $16.99
Scottish Ballads & Aires Arranged for Celtic Harp - $14.99
Celtic Christmas - $10.95
Celtic Harp Solos - $19.99
More the Merrier - $19.95
Sheet Music - "I Vow to Thee My Country" - $5.00
Windshadows II - $19.98
Abundance - Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Auld Lang Syne - Ass't Culburnie Artists
Crossing to Scotland - Abby Newton
Dawn Dance - Alasdiar Fraser
The Driven Bow - Fraser /Stecher
Fire & Grace - Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
In The Moment - A.Fraser & Natalie Hass
Highlander's Farewell - A.Fraser & Natalie Hass
Labyrinth - Skydance Band
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. I -
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. II
Live in Spain - Skyedance Band
Portrait of A Scottish Fiddler-Alasdair Fraser
Return to Kintail - Fraser/ McManus
SkyeDance - Alasdiar Fraser/Paul Machlis
SkyeDance Live in Spain
Way Out to Hope Street - Skydance Band
American Portrait
Prairie Christmas
Prairie Lullaby
Swanee - The Music of Stephen Foster
The Vultures
Waltz Of the Whippoorwill

(Scottish Fiddle)
Beyond the Shore
O'er the Moor, Among the Heather
Healing Well
Lonely Runs Both Ways
So Long So Wrong
Now That I've Found You: A Collection
New Favorite
Forget About It
Live:2 CD Set
A Hundred Miles or More - A Collection
Raising Sand - With Robert Plant
Paper Airplane
know Who Hold Tomorrow

Ancient Noels (Christmas)
Merrily Greet the Time-Sue Richards/M. Sansone
Scottish Christmas

Celtic Café - Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts
Hills of Erin - Karen Ashbrook
Knock On the Door - Karen Ashbrook

Celtic Lace - Ceoltóiri
Silver Apples of the Moon - Ceoltóiri
Women Of Ireland - Ceoltóiri

Celtic Roots -Hesperus
Colonial America-Hesperus
Early American Roots -Hesperus
An Early American Quilt - Hesperus
Civil War Scrapbook - Hesperus

Caledon Wood - Al Petteway
Midsummer Moon - Al Petteway
The Waters & the Wild - Al Petteway (Guitar)
Whispering Stones - Al Petteway
Acoustic Journey - Al Petteway & Amy White
Land of the Sky - Al Petteway & Amy White

Greyed Eyed Morn - Sue Richards ( Harp)
Hazel Grove - Sue Richards (Celtic Harp)
Morning Aire - Sue Richards (Celtic Harp)

Celtic Circles - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)
Kindred Spirits - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)

Scottish Fire - Bonnie Rideout
Scottish Rant! - Bonnie Rideout & Pipe Band
Soft May Morn - Bonnie Rideout (Fiddle)

Celtic Meditations - Maggie Sansone
Dance Upon the Shore - Maggie Sansone
Hammered Dulcimer Traditions - Sansone
Mist & Stone - Maggie Sansone
Mystic Dance-Maggie Sansone
A Traveler's Dream - M. Sansone
Wind Drift

Carolan's Gift - Assorted Artists
Music In the Great Hall (Live)

Midnight Howl - Robin Bullock


Appalachian Mandolin & Dulcimer-
David Schnaufer and Butch Baldassari
National Mountain Dulcimer Champions

Airs of Ireland - Mark Tindle
Blessed Assurance - Mark Tindle
Sweet Hour of Prayer - Mark Tindle

Dulcimer Harvest - Ruth Barrett / Cyntia Smith
Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol I
Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer, Vol II
Masters of Mt Dulcimer - Christmas

Music Of the Shakers For Mt. Dulcimer - $19.99
Singing in Irish Gaelic - Mary Mc Laughlin - $17.99
Wondrous Love - Barry & Shelley Phillips - $12.95
The World Turned Upside Down - B. Phillips - $8.95
Celtic Crossing - William Coulter - $19.95

Mountain Dulcimer Books -
Beatles Dulcimer Book - Hellman - $12.99
Celtic Songs & Slow Airs-Hellman-$24.99
Dulcimer Chord Book - Hellman - $9.98
Hal Leonard Dulc(W/Cd)- Hellman - $16.99
Music of the World for Mt. Dulcimer - Hellman - $19.99